Frequently asked questions

What is thefunds?

We are a Marketplace that we work to help you find and choose your Investment Funds and Pension Plans so that you increase your total returns.

Are you a bank or a Brockerage Agency?

No, we are not a financial institution and we do not have our own products to sell you. We work with different financial entities, to facilitate your relationship with them.

Are you financial advisers?

No, Mercafondos does not offer advisory services or make specific investment recommendations. We only offer information on Investment Funds and Pensions Plans to help savers with their finances.

Do you manage money?

No. Mercafondos does not have any banking license nor is it registered to provide advice or asset management. Therefore, we will never ask you for any type of income or transfers.

How much cost?

Nothing. Mercafondos offers you more than 40,000 Investment Funds and more than 1,000 Pension Plans so that you can select and analyze them by Returns/Performance, Trends / Categories, Countries, Number of Investors, Invested Amounts, Type of Risk, Type of Asset and Asset Management Companies.

Are you regulated?

Mercafondos only offers information, simulators and comparatives of Investment Funds and Pension Plans, so no specific regulation is required as is the case with a bank or a brockerage agency or securities company.

How do you earn money?

Via advertising revenue and market research.